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Quake 4 CTF Cup 4v4 written by diabz, 2011-03-30 21:04 CEST (0 comments)

8 team slots are availabe for participation in 444 CTF cup. Matches will take place on Sunday evenings every week from 20CET. If you can't make Sunday evenings, do NOT sign up.

Japanese Castles
Spider Crossings
Heartless Perfix
Death Before Dishonor Perfix
Ruiner beta 4

Matches will be 4v4 rather than 5v5 in order to encourage more team signups. Find some friends from spontan pickup or elsewhere to make a team with.

Each team picks their map in a BO3 (best of 3) format and the 3rd map is decided by the team with the best CAP DIFFERENCE.

Signups will close April 14th to commence the first matches on the 20th.
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